Dr. Luc Tielens

Dr. Luc Tielens

Dr. Luc Tielens

1986-1995: Medical Studies at the University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands: MD

1996-2001: Anesthesiology at the University Hospital Radboudumc Nijmegen, The Netherlands

2002-2003: For 1½ year Senior Staff Member at the Pediatric Anesthesiology Department in Hospital Sant Joan de Deu, University of Barcelona, Spain

2004- up till now:  Senior Staff Member Pediatric Anesthesiologist at the Anesthesiology Department in Radboudumc, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, teaching staff

President of the board of the DARA (Dutch Association for Regional Anesthesia). Director and teacher of the DARA Ultrasound-guided nerve block courses. Basic course 3 times, Advanced course 2 times, Neuraxial & Truncal blocks course 2 times, emergency medical block training 4 times a year and Pediatric Regional Anesthesia course 1 time in 2-3 years. Organizer of the DARA-ESRA annual symposium.

Council in the ESRA (European Society for Regional Anesthesia)

Member of the board of the KCMC Radboud Collaboration section Anesthesiology. The department of anesthesiology from the Radboudumc has a commitment towards the KCMC (Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre) Moshi, Tanzania, East Africa to collaborate in the development of the department of anesthesiology. To develop the quality and safety of the anesthesiological care service given in the KCMC and abroad towards the patients in northern Tanzania.

Member of the schisis-team Radboudumc – Rotary Gent working in Lombok, Indonesia. Every year a mission for a week to provide anesthesia to 30-50 children for their cleft-lip-operation.

Member of the schisis-team from the Hospital PazHolandesa in Arequipa Peru. Mission for 2 weeks to provide anesthesia to 50-60 children for their cleft-lip-operation and reconstruction of burning problems.

Co-founder of the foundation “Anesthesia in developing countries Radboudumc.(collecting money for materials for  anesthesiological services In developing countries)

Founder of the foundation TIE-KCMC (TIElens – Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre) Foundation to support medical doctors in KCMC to become Anesthesiologist. Support the organization of the annually or bi-annual Loco-Regional Anesthesia Symposium KCMC Moshi Tanzania. The first took place in October 2018, the second in 2023.

Speaker and workshop teacher in several congresses with lectures of Pediatric Anesthesia, Pediatric difficult airway, Neonatal Resuscitation and Loco-Regional Anesthetic Techniques in children (and adults) with nerve stimulation and ultrasound guidance.

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