Donderdag 8 september 2022, 20 – 21.30 uur: EACMFS and UEMS Pre-Specialization MCQ Assessment for OMFS trainees


Dear Colleagues,

This is a reminder about this new initiatieve of EACMFS and UEMS to allow trainees to uncover their ‘unknown unknowns’ by completing an online MCQ.

EACMFS has been supported by an unrestricted grant from Medartis, whom we thank for their help.

After the exam, the candidates will receive their results, including national and international comparisons. Furthermore, we have integrated 10% old questions from previous UEMS European Board of OMFS exams and will publish the solutions to the respective questions. We hope that letting trainees and new specialists see the standard of EBOMS questions will make the prospect of the exam less daunting and encourage colleagues to become EBOMFS Fellows.


Date & Time: Thursday 8 September 2022: 20.00 – 21.30 uur

Register now – you will receive the access code prior to your assessment.

Registration via: or:

Any problems: contact Patrick Magennis by e-mail: or by WhatsApp +447850290054.

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